"And in fact, i bet u a venti salted caramel cold brew they’re going to be Billie Eilish BIG. “ - the press release (music blog)


  Madishu’s always had a passion for music, creative drive and talent as a visual artist and performer, songwriter, producer as well as using fashion to embody her style. 

  “Clothes affect your mood the same way music and art does, so why not wear something that makes you feel like you, something that makes you feel strong and empowered” - says Madishu


  After years of participating in local talent shows, singing in competitions and school concerts she started pairing poetry with music and writing her own compositions. 

  First time she performed an original song was at a school concert during her exchange year in the USA and got mentioned in the school newspaper for her outstanding performance.
  She released her first single “Let the Rain Fall” in 2020, followed by her debut EP in collaboration with producer David TheniYou Still Make Me Smile” featuring Edward Pink, outstanding jazz pianist, as well as member of Madishu’s and David’s band.


  “My goal when it comes to creating music is to help people feel better, help people heal. Music is such a powerful form of art and therapy. Music for me is a very intuitive thing, I wanted the EP to resemble the growth within myself and it naturally came together”- says Madishu. People are turning to music for strengths, energy and understanding why they are feeling a certain type of way and it’s artists like Madishu that help them go through the toughest times in life.


  In October 2020 she and David Theni released a new single together. “Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. I love experimenting with styles and clothes and Halloween is the best opportunity to wear the craziest thing you got. “Halloween” was written from the perspective of the villain or the bad guy. It was quite a challenging song to write.” The song captured the attention of a local show in Austria called “Feng Sushi” and Interviewed Madishu. 

  David and Madishu didn’t want to leave out Christmas, so in December 2020 they released another song called “Secret Santa” featuring Unwritten. “A new song, a new challenge, unlike the songs that are written from personal experience where everything naturally comes together, for “Secret Santa” we had to come up with a concept and a story and the goal was to warm up people’s hearts during the holiday season and give them something cool to look forward to when due to the pandemic and all the restrictions the holiday spirit wasn’t there as much as in the years before”. 


  Growing up, Madishu looked up to artists like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Twenty one Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, Billie Eilish which influenced her style and her music. 

  “I think one of the most important things is to believe in yourself and always practice, learn and be consistent to get better at what you love to do”. 

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Fun Facts

  Behind the BandAid Logo - Music is a very powerful tool because it harnesses empathy and is very therapeutic to listen to. It is one of the main things that helped us go through harder times and we wanna create something that is not only entertaining, but that is also going to help people heal and be happier.   That’s why two band aids is what created our logo. 


  What does Madishu mean? This is a little fun story. Madishu’s mum used to call her that when she was little, because Madishu liked it, she decided to keep it as an artist name as well. 


  Why all the purple? For the longest time, Madishu has been drawn to the color purple. Once everything around her slowly turned purple, her fans and friends started associating the color with her. 

   How did Madishu and David Theni meet? Madishu was releasing demos of her songs partly produced by herself on SoundCloud, the good songwriting, but not so good production caught David’s attention and that’s where he decided to write her a message. The two artists having so much in common from music to the fact that they both studied in the same University, they were both exchange students and more.