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   Madishu’s always had a passion for music, creative drive and talent as a visual artist and performer, songwriter, producer as well as using fashion to embody her style. 


  Behind the BandAid Logo - Music is a very powerful tool because it harnesses empathy and is very therapeutic to listen to. It is one of the main things that helped us go through harder times and we wanna create something that is not only entertaining, but that is also going to help people heal and be happier.   That’s why two band aids is what created our logo. 


  What does Madishu mean? This is a little fun story. Madishu’s mum used to call her that when she was little, because Madishu liked it, she decided to keep it as an artist name as well. 


  Why all the purple? For the longest time, Madishu has been drawn to the color purple. Once everything around her slowly turned purple, her fans and friends started associating the color with her. 

   Who is David Theni and how did Madishu and him meet? Madishu was releasing demos of her songs partly produced by herself on SoundCloud, the good songwriting, but not so good production caught David’s attention and that’s where he decided to write her a message. The two artists having so much in common from music to the fact that they both studied in the same University, they were both exchange students and more. David Theni started his music career with playing guitar then eventually getting into producing. Right now he runs a successful creative agency that is centred on social media growth.