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Cast Call for shooting the music video for "Naive" 

you can get to hear the song earlier if you join the team, for privacy reasons the song will not be disclosed otherwise

Concept - a video game
The video takes place in a bedroom where Main Character starts playing a video game. In order to win she has to defeat Madishu at the last level, but ends up failing. The video will be a combination of live action and animation.

Why should you do it?
You will get to work with a huge team of talented and professional people.
You will gain experience and of course get the credits for the work you have done.
You will have lots of fun, and there will be free food and drinks for everyone.

Crew Members Needed
Actor - Main Role
(girl or nonbinary under the age of 25, bonus points if you have dyed hair)
Actor - Dancer 
(under the age of 25, someone who is comfortable twerking on camera, someone who has a sense of rhythm and has some dance experience, very simple choreography)
Behind the Scenes Camera 
(Someone who can chill with us and film what is going on behind the scenes catch funny moments and document the process, who is comfortable using a phone with stabiliser)

Join Our Music Video Team

Thank you for your interest!