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Ideas that seemed like good ones at 3am - cover art
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  I come from a small, loving family that has always supported my creativity. I've been drawing, singing, and creating for as long as I can remember. In primary school, I was drawn to drawing, playing the piano, singing, and writing poetry. But it wasn't until middle school that I began to combine my passions. I wrote my first song as a gift for my mother for her birthday and have since used songwriting as a means of self-expression and a way to process my emotions. That's where my logo comes in. It features two band-aids, symbolising the healing power of music.

Middle school was also when I discovered my passion for fashion and design. I remember getting my first favourite pair of purple pants, which sparked my love for the colour purple. Another important moment from that time was getting a notebook with the Walt Disney quote "If you can dream it, you can do it" inscribed on it. The notebook was also purple and it always reminded me to chase my dreams and that everything is possible.

  In high school, I picked up my dad's old guitar and set myself a goal of becoming better than him at playing it. I practiced every day and performed on different occasions with the goal of perfecting my skills. It was also during that time that I played one of my original songs on stage for the first time, leaving the entire crowd in tears. This was a pivotal moment for me, and it solidified my desire to pursue music as a career.

  During the first lockdown, I turned to songwriting as a means of retreat and from it, came songs such as "Still" and the EP "You Still Make Me Smile". Early in the lockdown, I met David through Instagram, later discovering that we had attended the same university and had even taken the same classes. He was a music producer and it was a great opportunity for me, we started working together and produced my EP and all of my songs thereafter. In 2020, we released a few more singles, such as "Halloween," "F U Im a Fairy," and "Secret Santa," with one of my friends, Eugen. This became a tradition of releasing a Christmas song each year, which I broke in 2022.

  In 2022, I began working as a ghostwriter for other artists, and wrote a lot of towlines, one of which was "Need U" with Moonboy. This collaboration opened up the world of Drum and Bass for me and sparked new ideas. It was then that I created my first DJ set. It was an exciting new challenge and a way to explore my creativity in a different way.

  Even though I've had a strong focus on music, I've never forgotten about my other artistic sides. My music, artworks, and personal style are all one big artwork that I am constantly refining and adding to, as they all inspire and inform each other. The notebook with the Walt Disney quote on it, and my love for purple, have been a constant reminder throughout my journey to follow my dreams and to continue to create.

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