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official bio

Madishu's creative drive and different talents have always distinguished her from other artists. Her compelling songwriting and singing skills are creating a rapidly growing fanbase with over 120k monthly listeners on Spotify and over 19k followers on TikTok. Madishu started releasing music independently in 2020 then with the help of the Austrian Music funds she put out her first successful project "Ideas that seemed like good ones at 3AM", which got the attention of local press and radio. Madishu strives for perfection and for always learning to do better. After writing and performing over 400 songs as a ghostwriter, she was featured on "Need U" which got released through Atlantic Records. Madishu also worked with other labels like Warner, Soave, High Tea Music, Trap Nation as well as Grammy and Amadeus winning artists and producers. Besides her songwriting and singing, Madishu also has a great eye for art, having background in studying visual art and fashion. She is a costume designer for all her stage and music video outfits, creating all the visual concepts for cover arts, videos and even stage design. 
Active in genres like Pop, DnB, RnB, Indie and having experience with a lot more, Madishu is an Up and Coming talent.

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